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Keep downloading in The Pirate Bay!

With this webpage you can easily download magnet links of The Pirate Bay for your torrent client even if your DSL provider has blocked The Pirate Bay. Follow the steps:

1. Insert here the name of the file you want to download or the name of the TV series:

2. Click here to search the file:
3. Where you usually clicked on this image: ---- now right-click on it and select "Copy Link Location"(or similar).

4. Paste the copied link:

5. Press the button:

6. In the new webpage the final link will appear. Click and enjoy downloading!

Obviously you need a torrent client (Bittorrent, utorrent, etc) to download the files.
Link to download utorrent: Utorrent -- Link to download qBittorrent(Free Software): qBittorrent

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